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About Us

NutraLinks is a U.S. based company that ships world wide. We believe that a healthy lifestyle includes exercise, eating organic when possible, and being kind to our bodies with use of natural compounds. We stand by our products - these ingredients have been in use for centuries due to their medicinal properties. Founded by two female pharmacists with over fifty years of professional experience between them, NutraLinks strives to provide homeopathic alternatives utilizing active ingredients found in nature rather than drugs manufactured by pharmaceuticals. Concerned with what they saw as the over usage and abuse of over-the-counter remedies and prescription medicines, the pharmacists were also mothers looking for safe natural products for their children and families to relieve common symptoms of everyday ailments like colds; be it nasal congestion, a stuffy, blocked or runny nose, or even hay fever, sinusitis and more. Today the mothers travel all over the world seeking safe and natural alternatives that leverage nature's bounty of botanical solutions already in use elsewhere for centuries. "Nature has its own ways of healing itself and the body is a natural thing. We want our products to work in synchronicity with your body to provide relief, assist with the healing process, or help rid it of toxins." Mona and Soheyla Founders Questions? Feel free to email or call us.